KCL Lectures

Polly was appointed a teaching assistant at KCL Department of War Studies in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed her lecturing role.

Transcripts available for:

Gender and Intelligence. This lecture delivered to undergraduates and graduate students during late 2018 and 2019 proved very popular. The conclusion that more women were needed in intelligence studies contributed to the decision by Women in Intelligence Network and Kings Intelligence and Security Group to set up a prize to encourage women academics in the field- that became known as The Polly Corrigan Book Prize.

Intel in USSR and Russia. Delivered to undergraduates in March 2019, it was bang up to date, drawing on the latest blogs and gossip.

How to Study: The result of a year’s teaching and hearing the endlessly repeated question: How do it get a high mark? Worth a read to find out from one of the best how to hone academic skills as an undergraduate and beyond.