childhood: 7th birthday

Polly in Santorini, 1984
With Carole,in
her 7th birthday
At Primrose Hill swings with cousin Bridget & in high heels – everything lovely
Grandma slicing the cake.
Polly with Rita Patel and above w big sister Seema

In Lakes with little Jims and Rita. It was another time that Rita and Polly swam across Rydal Water while we were in the Badger Bar (aaagh).

With cousin Niall, staying with Carmel and Kumar in Glasgow
In Donegal with Polly’s cousin staying with Attracta and Jimmy
Somewhere in France, having a picnic.
With Rita on Windermere 1985 or 6 –

This is followed by massive jump to an afternoon at Highbury Fields in summer 2019 in time – please help.