Sarah remembers Polly

Sarah Feinmann recalls her niece

This picture pops up each year of Polly from 8 years ago.  It always reminds me of her warmth, humour and  generosity, making a connection across a crowded room.

he thing that Polly and I shared was our love of art and particularly John Piper who had a strong association with St Davids where Rhys is from.   I remember seeing that there was a huge retrospective of John Pipers work at the Towner Gallery in  Eastbourne which I was desperate to see.  I had arranged to go with Jane and then Polly and the girls joined us. It was all a bit fraught on the journey on crowded tubes and trains on a boiling hot day with Rosie in her pushchair.  We had a wonderful day, the exhibition more than living up to expectations and fabulous to share the wonderful collages and stained glass that she hadn’t seen before.

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