The Polly Corrigan Book Prize

Dr Polly Corrigan (PhD awarded posthumously 2022) was an active and respected member of the King’s Centre for Intelligence Studies as well as WIN (Women in Intelligence Network). Before her death, she was already in discussion to create a prize to encourage writing about women in intelligence. She would have welcomed the sponsorship of INS, Intelligence and National Security, ‘widely regarded as the world’s leading scholarly journal focused on the role of intelligence and secretive agencies in international relations.

Polly’s lecture on women in intelligence, entitled The Lady Vanishes (see Lectures on this website), is currently being prepared to be published as a journal article.

A new award for a book edited/co-edited or authored/co-authored – in the field of Intelligence Studies by women and/or about women and intelligence.

The Polly Corrigan Book Prize is an annual award sponsored by The King’s Centre for Intelligence Studies (King’s INTEL) and Intelligence and National Security (INS, Taylor & Francis). It was set up to honour the life and work of the late Polly Corrigan, former journalist, PhD candidate, and teaching assistant at King’s College London, whose research focused on the Great Terror in 1930s Soviet Union and Ukraine. The Prize aims to recognise scholarship within the realm of intelligence and security, written by female scholars and/or about women. It encourages scholars to go beyond traditional lines of inquiry and explore how women contributed to and participated in the making of the ‘Secret World’. The Polly Corrigan Book Prize committee comprises representatives of King’s INTEL, INS, the WIN-Women in Intelligence Network, and Polly’s mother, Jane Feinmann, a freelance journalist. The Committee will accept self-nominations as well as nominations by others. It will consider books and edited volumes written/edited (or co-written/co-edited) by women as well as publications written on women in intelligence. The 2022 Polly Corrigan Book Prize will consider books/edited volumes published in 2020 and 2021.

All nominations need to be received by 1 May 2022. The panel will announce the winner by 30 September 2022